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this morning on "world news now," political divide. the president's closed-door meeting last night with top congressional lawmakers ended with noeal on the debt. >> why the federal financial crisis and how to fix it can be a bigger political problem than first thought. it's monday, july 11th. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning. i'm peggy bunker. >> i'm daniel sieberg in for rob nelson. the president has been pushing congressional leaders to compromise, come together, and find the money to close the huge federal debt. so we're asking you on facebook this morning. what would you do to fix the
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problem? >>nd can y y d d that in two sentences or less? because apparently we're having a tough time getting this done here in congress. many people just dividing down partisan lines. >> we'll bundle all your responses and send them directly to congress. >> to the president. you know what, then again maybe they will pay attention. this is definitely going back and forth. >> it's got to be solved eventually. >> the clock is ticking on august 2nd when the ceiling hits. also coming up an incredible story about a little boy in ohio who found himself in a life-threatening predicament. he got stuck deep in a well. what his father did, pretty much what any father would do, to save this boy's life. it involved that well and it wasn't so easy. >> you can imagine he probably went right down in there after him and we'll see how it ended up. reforming former gang members into refined athletes. and many of these guys have done jail time. except now they're learning about american life by, you guessed it, learning a british game of cricket, if you will. the wickets and -- honestly,
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carcinogenic kit mest fy mystif. i can't tell who's winning. it goes on for days. >> right up there with horseshoes in my book. >> requires some patience. >> contractor. first, president obama is calling top leaders of both parties back to the white house today for more urgent talks on the government debt. >> a vary sunday night meeting of negotiators produced no results if you can believe it. david d rley has the very latest now from the white house. good morning, david. >> reporter: peggy and daniel, the meeting lasted a little less han an hour and a half. unlike thursday, no one came to speak to reporters about how that meeting went. if you look at these pictures just few a few seconds, nobody looks very happy. dressed casually but they did not seem relaxed. and as i say, none of the members of congress came out to speak to us. neither did the president. they are trying to come to a deal on a deficit reduction plan in exchange for increasing the debt limit. the president still wants a big plan that would cut the deficit by $4 trillion.
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twice what republicans proposed. but here's the standoff. while republicans like the idea of cutting hundreds of billions of dollars from medicaid, medicare, and social security, democrats don't. and then republicans refuse the prprident's plan to increase taxes, revenue, by cutting subsidies on oil and gas companies and closing tax loopholes for other businesses. >> to get a big package would require big tax increases. it's a terrible idea. it's a job killer. >> reporter: and of course these talks face the deadline.. august 2nd. when the government will no longer be able to borrow to pay all of its bills. >> no responsible leader would say the united states of america, for the first time in its history, should not pay its bills, meet its obligations. that would be catastrophicor the economy. >> reporter: once again, just the fact that nobody talked about what happened in this hour and a half meeting does not bode well that they made a lot of progress. a plane crash has taken the lives of a florida couple and their five young children. the victims were returning from a family reunion in st. louis
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when the plane developed engine trouble over alabama. the coroner said relatives told them the family was flying back saturday so they could make it to church the next day. shuttle "atlantis" and the international space station are bracing for a dangerously close call with a piece of space junk. the debris from a 1970s cat light is expected to come closest to the astronauts tomorrow right in the middle of a planned space walk. however, it is still early to say whether "atlantis" and the space station will have to be moved out of the way. the rocky relationship between the u.s. and pakistan has hit a new low now that washington is cutting $800 million worth of military aid. it's all part of a tough new tactic in dealing with pakistan. the bbc reports now from washington. >> reporter: this was the bloodyobloody aftermath of the secret made in may when the u.s. killed osama bin laden. the fact that this was in pakistan brought murmumu of complicity from the u.s. and anger at america's presence there. now as the fallout continues,
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washington has announced it's withholding military aid from its uncomfortable ally. >> the pakistani relationship is difficult but it must be made to work over time. but until we get through these difficulties, we will hold back some of the money that the american taxpayers have committed. >> reporter: every year the u.s. gives around $2 billion worth of military assistance to pakistan. now it says it's holding back more than one-third ofhat amount. $800 million. some of the aid is thought to be in the form of equipment and training by u.s. personnel. the rest, payments for pakistani troops deployed along the afghan border. america trains the troops that work here. but amid growing tension. pakistan expelled some u.s.s military trainers recently and has threatened to close cia bases. if america's usisi military aid to encourage cooperation, will it work? >> assistance -- and by doing, this washington is actually
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going to bee left without any influence with the pakistan army. and with the people of pakistan. this would be seen as a punitive action. which is meant to punish pakistan rather than provide an incentive for cooperation. >> reporter: here, officials say this is not a change in policy. that's a long-term relationship between the countries is important. remember, america needs pakistan to help fight the taliban. to do that, pakistan needs america's money. bbc news, washington. nearly two years after those american hikers were captured and taken to an iranian prison the only one to be released is pushing to bring her friend and fiance home. sarah shourd organized a rally in duluth, minnesota, for shane bauer and josh fattal, hoping to bring attention back to the men. the iranians accuse the hiker of being american spies. the royal couple, they are back home today after a whirlwind hollywood weekend. and yes, even tinseltown seemed a little bit star-struck by
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wills and kate. bob woodruff was there for every single squeal. >> reporter: on this final day of their north american tour, a greeting fit for rock stars. >> oh my goodness! >> i shook his hand. it was so exciting. look, i'm shaking. >> they're shaking hands, they're talking to the children, they're accepting their flowers, they're just lovely. >> reporter: and then for the first time on the trip, the duchess responded to a reporter's question. >> how has your first trip to the u.s. been? >> reallylyreally enjoyed it, thank you very much. >> reporter: it's been an action-packed three days in california. william wowed the polo fans in santa barbara, scoring four goals and leading his team to victory. the prize was even sweeter. and the biggest stars in tinseltown were out. all here to take in a royal eclipse. >> we can forget all the hollywood names, we've got the big ones tonight. our very own british royal family. >> reporter: at a visit to an inner city art school there was
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playful banter between the couple. asasate worked her brush over the canvas william turned and softly asked his bride, what the heck is that? then one last appearance with u.s. veterans and their families. with one good swipe at his brother harry. >> and in that i include my low-flyin ing ing apache very a brother as a partner i i today' event. >> reporter: just after that speech the couple disappeared behind this wall here, put together these packages for the little children that they're going to send to for those soldiers of the u.s. that are still serving over in the wars. now they're on their way back to england. this trip is finally, finally over. bob woodruff, abc news, los angeles. >> when you think about it they've really been working the crowds for quite some time now. which ts tiring. you have to imagine that would get exhausting after a while. >> they've done it with a lot of grgre. that's not an easy thing to do to go out there. it's hard to describe the royal couple as being real. >> right. >> they actually seem kind of real. >> they do, they also seem
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really in love which is kind of a refreshing twist on a royal marriage. also we have learned from this trip to the states that kate really hates being. and i feel that. i always call them will and date kate. >> we're allowed to do that. >> she looks good. an idea dad is being credited with averting a family tragedy. jake mccoy's 3-year-old son dylan fell 40 feet down a well at the family's home near canton. dylan managed to stay afloat in 10 feet of water while dad climbed down the slippery rock walls to rescue him. >> i told him to calm down, it's going to be all right, that daddy's coming, stoto crying, it's going to be okay. >> my heart was down there with him. i didn't know what to do, i didn't know what to think. >> can you imagine, heart would be in your shoes you'd be so scared. father and son both ended up stuck in the bottom of the well so firefighters pulled the boy to safety and his dad was so worried about him that he climbed out on his own. the family says things could have turned out much differently
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but dylan just learned to swim this summer. a happy pair now that's for sure. >> might be time to fill in the well. >> maybe a grate. good idea. here is your monday forecast. stormy with hail and gusty winds from south dakota all the way to western pennsylvania. popup showers and thunderstorms for the gulf coles. heavy rain in the four corners region in the west. heat advisories from texas to ohio. what are we listening to here? >> you got me on that one. i don't know. 89 degrees here in new york. 95 in atlanta. 90 degrees in miami. just shy of 100 in dallas. and 94 in indianapolis. phoenix hits a hot 101. albuquerque 91. and boise 92. >> it's summertime. >> again? >> no? >> no, we're going t find that out for you. we'll let you know. a chicago man has certainly earned the title frequent flyer. thomas stucker was honored over the weekend for being the first united airlines passenger to fly
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10 million miles. that's equal to about 20 trips to thehe moon and back and a he of a lot of fees. >> who is he hugging? is he single? or is he married? because how do you fly that much if. >> maybe married to a flight attendant. >> he's an automotive consultant, taken almost 6,000 flights on united. he's flown so much the airline has put his name on the jumbo jet. all those frequent flyer miles will become handy. >> hee needs to be a pilolo >> like that movie "up in the air" with george clooney. we'll be right back with more "world news now." ♪ i'd do anything for you dear
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good news now for the 1.5 million americans who suffer from autism. it's long been wondered what causes the disease. now we may be closer than ever to knowing. >> it comes from ground-breaking
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research that's changing everything we know about the disorder. here's abc's barbara pinto. >> reporter: this isn't housework. these are researchers at work. in the homes of children with autism. the worth family is desperate for answers. oldest son josh was diagnosed right after his 1st birthday. >> it's devastating. i felt somebody hadd died. everybody would tell us, he's a future player, he's going to get a scholarship to college. and then you're told he has autism and his future becomes so uncertain. >> reporter: so the worths enrolled in a study now tracking 1,200 families. when lisa got pregnant again, researchers recorded everything she ate, medications she took, even the products she used to clean her home. >> what we believe is that autism is really caused by a combination of genetic factors, maybe several genetic factors, with environmental factors that are coming together at critical periods of development. >> reporter: for decades scientists believed most cases of autism, 90%, were caused by
3:17 am
genetics. but this new study suggests environmental factors play a much larger role. researchers warn the results showed a wide margin of error. but if they're right this could open promising new directions in the autism research. one possible environmental cause? antidepressants. a separate study out this week found mothers who took a certain class of drugs called ssris during preg athens were twice as likely to have a child with autism. but what else? is it food, medicine, chemicals? the worths have no idea why josh, who is 5 now, has autism. and little brother spencer does not. >> we are grateful that they're doing the study and hope that we are able to help give them some answers to find out what's going on. >> reporter: answers their family, and so many others, are hoping to find. barbara pinto, abc news, chicago. >> so many parents feel paranoid about autistic diagnoses, and even paralyzed, because there's so much information out there. >> and misinformation too.
3:18 am
>> exactly. we should say other experts have disputed this study saying they still feel that genes are is biggest driver when it comes to autism. >> that there is some kind of genetic link. it can be interesting that that family there had one child who did have autism but still there's many moms concerned about vaccinations which has been disproven many, many times. it continues. definitely evolving studies there. coming up, learning about american life by learning a british game. >> how about this. they're from some of the roughest streets of southern california. why cricket may be making all the dins. you're watching "world news now."
3:19 am
athletes have often given us storybook tales of redemption. but never quite like this. >> this is the story of one man who went from the nation's harshest ghettos, who found salvation with a bat and ball. it's not the kind you're thinking of. abc's david wright explains.
3:20 am
>> reporter: former gang bangers finding solace in sports. and escaping some of the meanest streets in the country. a very american story. except we're not talking baseball here. that's right. cricket. >> yeah, started with some boys in compton, some ragtag homies from compton, you know what i'm saying? >> reporter: the compton cricket club. cricket and compton are an unlikely combination. these players are not only learning a refined new sport but so the gentlemanly values that go with it. >> it treats them civility. it treats them dignity. it gives them self-respect. above all it gives them respect from the opponents. >> reporter: many of these players have done jail time. some of them used to be members of rival street gangs. now they play together. who makes the cucumber sandwiches? >> none of us. >> reporter: the cesares
3:21 am
brothers had another brother killed by a drive-by shooting a few years ago. cricket has been their ticket out. >> prince edwards. who would have thought? >> reporter: not only did the team get to play at windsor castle, theefl traveled to sydney, australia. recruiting new team members is getting easier. >> we can't go and be all gentlemen with tea. you know what i'm saying? throw up some love. oh, yeah, yeah, we got that, we got that. >> reporter: in fact, the team has been so successful, the lapd is taking an interest. >> yes, yes! >> reporter: the compton guys are now teaching the cops to play cricket. the lapd may field a team of its own. >> the victorious lapd, right? >> playing the notorious compton, right? >> playing the civilized sport. >> reporter: strange bell fellows. but in compton cricket seems to have that effect. david wright, abc news, los
3:22 am
angeles. >> talking about real men playing cricket, you've got to catch that ball with bare hands sometimes. >> painful sport. but it is the face of the gentlemanly -- look at that. sports do keep you out of trouble. hó
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just that muse ikgets you in the mood to spend 40 bucks on popcorn. >> parkingngtwizzlers. >> okay. time nor "insomniac theater." last week we previewed the new comedy why horrible bosses." we never hive that. it's time to see if the flick
3:26 am
delivers. >> joining us with her review of the movie is our associate jackie fernandez. first of all, you don't have any horrible bosses, we know that. >> no, i don't have any horrible bosses but i think we can all agree that having a horrible boss stinks. >> yes. >> so what this movie is about, it stars an incredible cast. you have charlie day, jason sue deck dis, jason bateman, three employees who really hate their bosses. they seek out the help of jamie fox who is a hit man who they think is a murder consultant. he tells them how to kill their bosses. who is jennifer aniston, colin farrell, and kevin spacey. >> they're going to kill each other's bosses. sort of be a "alibi," alfred hitchcock thing going on. >> yes, yes. this movie was so much fun to watch. it was entertaining. i wasn't the only one who thinks so. >> i t tught it was really funny. it was great. it was much better than i was expecting it to be. >> it had a lot of really good moments.
3:27 am
>> very funny. good movie, very good movie. >> i thought it was really funny. started slow but picked up in the end. >> i like charlie day a lot. i thought he was hilarious. >> they killed it. charlie day also. >> i thought it was really funny but kind of raunchy. i was really surprised by jennifer aniston's performance. >> j jnifer aniston really blew me away, she was great. >> everybody needs to see something like that. >> jennifer aniston, she was very unlike her "friends" character. no rachel here. >> jennifer aniston was raunchy as heck. you have never seen her like this. she was in lingerie all the time, talking provocatively to charlie day. i loved her in this movie. i wanted to see more and more ev her. because of that i gave it 3 1/2 stars out of 5. >> 3 1/2 stars. >> so the plot sort of stopped you from giving it 4 or 5? >> yes. a lot of people i interviewed agreed with me, they thought the pacing of the movie was a little slow at the begin organize the end. >> which can be a comedy killer. >> but when they reached the funny it was hilarious. >> good for jennifer aniston.
3:28 am
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this morning on "world news now," no deal. the president's meeting with tom congressional lawmakers s the federal deficit just leads to more frustrationontopm congressional lawmakers on the federal deficit just leads to more frustrationcongressional l federal deficit just leads to more frustration. >> while some politicians refuse totout programs, others refuse to allow a tax increase. it's monday, july 11th. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning. i'm daniel sieberg in for rob nelson. >> i'm peggy bunker. president obama had hoped to bring together lawmakers from both parties and search for compromises to bridge a huge debt gap. that could impact just about everybody in the country. and after last night's closed-door meeting led to no deal, what is next now?
3:31 am
>> more meetings, i'm guessing. >> yeah, more meetings. it's pretty shocking that honestly, this is such a serious issue and so many americans are watching this ever so closely to see. and we can't get anything done, it's very frustrating. >> it seems like human nature, maybe congressional nature, to wait until the last minute. >> and to play politics and go partisan and it gets very frustrating. also ahead, one of rupert murdock's most successful papers in the world shuts down. you can call it the end of "the world." after a huge scandal. can he do enough to keep this embarrassing situation from causing damage to the rest of his media empire? you see some of e examples, the "wall stre journal," "new yorkrkost," fox news, harper colins, 20th century fox. all these part of the rupert murdock media empire and could be threatened by the news of the end of "the world." >> it's horrifying what some of the people who worked at this paper were doing. >> inconsequencible. >> t tly, truly indefensible. coming up later this half hour as well, it was mission impossible for team usa's female soccer team. they were moments away from defeat to the brazilian team it is our r voritetetory of the
3:32 am
day. many people considered brazil to just be knocking them dead. >> this was an unbelievable game. unbelievable. >> there we go, there goes daniel, hold him back. >> i can't overstate how exciting this was. the drama, the tension, some of the controversial calls, the last-second heroics. i'm telling you, this had everything. not just for women's soccer, just in sports in general. it was awesome. >> this is how i felt th morning in the morning meeting about the debt ceiling and i couldn't get you going. yet the soccer thing, i was like, did you know brandi chastain wasn't there with the t-shirt? you did know that, right? >> i didn't need her to take off her shirt, it was that exciting. >> it was a moment. let's get back to the debt now. first, president obama will hold his second news conference in less than two weeks this morning on the looming debt crisis. >> it is an attempt by the president to use the power of his office to move the debt talks beyond their current stalemate. with more on what's at stake now here's david kerley. >> r rorter: they may have been dressed casually but the beginning of the negotiations appeared anything but relaxed. the president was asked, can you work it out in ten days? >> we need to.
3:33 am
>> reporter: we need to, he said. house speaker john boehner threw cold water on the talks when he bailed out on what is called the grand bargain. the president continued to call for a big agreement on the deficit. how big? the president was willing to put cial security, considered a sacred cow to democrats, on the table. as well as major changes to the tax code. his plan would cut the deficit by $4 trillion. twice what republicans proposed. here's the standoff. while republicans like the idea of cutting hundreds of billions of dollars from medicaid, medicare, and social security, democrats don't. >> we do not support cuts in benefits. >eporter: republicans refuse the president's plan to increase taxes, revenue, by cutting subsidies on oil and gas companies and closing tax loopholes for other businesses. >> to get a big package would require big tax increases. it's a terrible idea, it's a job killer. >> reporter: so republicans want to return to negotiating that smaller deal, which probably wouldn't touch social security
3:34 am
or the tax code and would cut only $2.4 trillion from the deficit. all this as the august 2nd deadline approaches when the government will l longer be able to borrow to pay all its bills. >> no responsible leader would say the united states of america for the first time in its history should not pay its bills, meet its obligations. that would be catastrophic for the economy. >> reporter: the meeting lasted a little less than an hour and a half. unlike thursday, when there were so many optimistic comments from the president and members of congress, no one came to speak to reporters about any progress or lack thereof they made on the deficit. david kerley, abc news, the white house. >> it's interesting about this is that our government is going through what a lot of individual americans are going through. they can't quite make their budget, they're looking for ways to cut back, they're looking for ways to somehow make it to pay date, live within their means. and of course we can't and the republicans want to see a lot of these programs cut. the democratatas i mentioned want to raise a lot of these taxes. people are going to have to give to come together.
3:35 am
>> something's got to give. let's move on now. the obama administration is suspending $800 million in aid to pakistan's military. relations have been rocky since the u.s. navy s.e.a.l.s tracked down and killed osama bin laden at his pakistan hideout. president obama's chief of staff calls pakistan a critical but sometimes unreliable partner in the fight against terrorism. and more must be done to restore the relationship. over the weekend, condolences poured in from politicians around the world paying final respects to first lady betty ford. now it's the everyday people she touched around the country who will have a chance to say good-bye. barbara pinto reports. >> reporter: her candor and courage touched the nation. and now we know more about how betty ford's family wiwi pay tribute. >> people in america and across the world, they are going to say good-bye and they do want to pay tribute totoer. >> reporter: they will. in public and private services in california and michigan. mrs. ford, who died of natural causes friday at age 93, will first be remembered d a private
3:36 am
service tuesday in palm desert, california, near where she and president ford lived after the white house. on wednesday, her casket will be flown to grand rapids, a public memorial and funeral service scheduled there. delivering her eulogy, dear friends lynne cheney, cokie roberts, and roslyn carter. whose husband defeated gerald ford in the race for the white house in 1976. >> the relationship that mrs. ford and mrs. carter had was one of the deepest and i think richcht in mrs. ford's life. >> reporter: betty ford impacted lives around the world, making public her struggles with breast cancer and substance abuse. opening the treatment center that bears her name. on thursday, she'll be laid to rest alongside her husband, on the grounds of the gerald r. ford presidential museum. >> obviously the outpouring for the ford family is extremely strong and we look very forward to welcoming mrs. ford home. >> reporter: the last wishes of a former first lady.
3:37 am
barbara pinto, abc news. a florida family of seven has died after their small plane lost an engine and crashed. the father, mother, and five young children were returning home from a family reunion when the plane crashed into a wooded area in alabama on saturday night. the wreckage was in suchch remote area it took crews hours to find the victims. the children ranged in age from 2 to 10 years old. now to the phone-hacking scandal that is rocking britain. it's already forced the tabloid "news of the world" to close. it's now threatening a $12 billion deal to take over a british satellite broadcast company. jeffrey kofman has the latest now from london. >> reporter: rupert murdock rushed to london to rescue the $33 billion media empire he has spent his life building. as he arrived he was reading the last issue of "the news of the world," the paper that began his overseas expansion 42 years ago. the best-selling tabloid was on the newsstands here for the last time. >> if you've done wrong you face the consequences.
3:38 am
>> reporter: the paper brought down by criminal excesses of its reporters in search of sensational stories. in the eyes of many it was brought down by management that still refuses to acknowledge its own role. that is rebecca brooks. who dined with murdock. she was editor while many of the crimes were committed. 270 people lost their jobs this weekend. she stays. but murdock may lose a huge business deal. his plan to take 100% control of britain's b sky b satellite network. this scandal has highlighted what many in britain have considered to be a near monopoly by murdock companies. 40% of the papers sold in this country, including the fabled "times" and "sunday times" are owned by murdock companies. his holdings stretch around the world. in the u.s. he owns two of the most influential newspapers. book publishing. avatar, his. 20th century fox. fox news. and yes, fox tv. owner of "the simpsons." >> i own 60% of that, nitwit! >> all right, break it up, boys. >> i suppose you don't like
3:39 am
tabloid newspapers either. >> reporter: news corporation, the company he controls, is headquartered in new york. his challenge now is to keep t t taint that's poisoned his british holdings from affecting his holdings around the world. jeffrey kofman, abc news, london. from one kind of heat to another, extreme heat gripping more than a dozen states did not bode well for marathon runners in milwaukee. how about that. the first-ever rock and soul race had to be cut short as 50 runners were treated for heat-related issues. dozens had to be taken to the hospital. even the first-place winner from kenya complained it was just too hot. >> it was so hot that -- >> it was so hot that even the kenyan runner complained it was hot. >> it's pretty hot everywhere acrosssshe country which can happen in july. taking a look at your monday forecast right now. we do have heat advisories and warnings. they stretch from texas to ohio. it will feel like 110 in places. strong storms in the dakotas, des moines, omaha, indianapolis, cincinnati, and lexington. scattered showers along the gulf coast and heavy rain in the desert southwest. >> triple digits in phoenix.
3:40 am
90s from albuquerque to boise. 79 in fargo. 89 in omaha. and 99 in dallas. much of the northeast hovers around the 90-degree mark. if it's not at or near 90 you're lucky. most of the country is suffering. >> very, very true. both you and i are new parents. i just had twins. this story really scared me. i'm glad i heard it after i had the twins. >> i can understand why. >> they say everything is bigger in texas a a this little guy is only going to add to that. look at this baby. his name is jamichael brown,n, weighs 16 pounds when he was welcomed into the world. he was born in the city of longview. >> to give you perspective, my daughter is 7 months, she's just now 17 pounds. a dad says he's okay with the nickname "moose" his son has earned in the maternity ward. mom is recuperating and i'm sure you're wondering, a well-deserved c-section. >> that's good to hear. >> this is her fourth baby, by the way. >> i'm happy to hear about that. that is a big fella, that little guy. >> mom deserves all the rest and
3:41 am
support she can get. >> whatever she wants to eat or drink too, by the way. >> yeah, put your feet up. >> really. long hair, too. handsome little tyke. we'll be back with more "world news now". let me tell you about a very important phone call i made. when i got my medicare card, i realized i needed an aarp... medicare supplement nsurance card, too. medicare is one of the great things about turning 65, but it doesn't cover everything. fact, it only pays up to " 80% of your part b expenses. if you're already on or eligible for medicare, call now to find out how an aarp... insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company, not paid by memecare part b. that can save you from paying .up to thousands of dollars... out of your own pocket. these are the only medicare supplement insurance plans... exclusively endorsed by aarp. when you call now, you'll get this free information kit...
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time now for, wait for it -- what are you doing? what's going on? >> i feel like this one should be kicked. ready? >> this is our favorite story of the day. you'll see why here in just a second. it is not quite the miracle on ice from the 1980 winter olympics but sunday's usa/brazil women's world cup game is now up there with that historic game. you were over the moon. >> that's why i kicked. i was very excited. it was a wonderful game. minutes away from defeat and elimination, team usa fought back and shocked the world. espn's bob holtzman will tell you more. i'll stop talking now.
3:45 am
>> reporter: this will be the snapshot people remember. but this was the play that won the match. a solo shoot-out save that allowed the americans to advance. >> i had a feeling on that third kicker that i was going to outplay her for that moment. because i felt she wasn't confident. i felt i was confident. my time was coming to make a save. i think confidence goes a long way. >> we got hope, we're good. we knew she was going to save one, we kept saying that. finish our shots. >> she's unbelievable. that's why she's hope solo. that's why she's the best goal keeper in the world hands-down. thank god we have her on our team. >> reporter: the dramatic save may have never happened had solo's first dramatic save counted. in the 67th minute solo turned away a penalty kick. only to have the officials order brazil another one. almost 90 minutes after the match the u.s. still wasn't sure why. >> i didn't even realize what was going on. i made the save, i felt the crowd, i saw my family, i was cheering, i was celebrating, i was so excited.
3:46 am
then i turn back around. they're lined up for another kick. >> we still don't know what the explanation was. because, you know. hope didn't look like she moved. they said encroachment but they didn't say who. >> reporter: with less than 72 hours between the end of this match and wednesday's semifinal against france, the u.s. must turn the page quickly. forward abby wambach said that won't be a problem. she told me, we want to reach our dreams and france is in the way. in dresden, germany, bob holtzman, espn. >> of course they want to live up to the hype from 1999 back when they did win the world cup. >> sure. >> and the next game against france is at 11:30. >> which maybe would not have had as many viewers but now it certainly will. >> oh, absolutely. against france. sweden and japan playing in the other semifinal. some of the favorites, germany knocked out. england knocked out. brazil obviously knocked out. >> which brazil was the ones they were very much afraid of -- oh my gosh. remember this moment? it wasn't my head on this body. >> that's a real photo, that was earlier today. >> i wish. >> penny was so excited, yes! >> seriously, then she got to endorse the sports bras for a
3:47 am
long time. there was all that like, did she do the right thing, take her shirt off? >> now she's an commentator on espn. >> that was an incredible moment. i want to see that again. i wish that could have been me. wouldn't that have been great? >> maybe when they win you can do it. jennifer lopez is making a comeback. and it's not what you think. >> that's right. also the big news from victoria and david bebeham. stay tuned for "the skinny." speaking of, victoria beckham, she's skinny. >> she looks good.
3:48 am
3:49 am
or not so skinny after you pop out a baby. or you get skinny again. >> i take offense at that term. >> sorry. you know. you give birth to a baby. >> thank you. a little bit of respect, come on now. >> sorry. >> yeah. >> okay, yes. we start with some baby news. victoria beckham and david beckham have given birth to a baby girl. >> congratulations. >> what's unusual here is the name, though. >> yeah. >> it's something you probably haven't heard of before. harper seven. >> harper's normal.
3:50 am
harper is ki of common. wh's the seven all about? >> we're not really sure. we've been discussing that here. maybe someone can help us out online. >> a number from his soccer jersey? which would be sort of weird. but it's not. >> it's not their number seven child. >> no, they have three boys. their napes aren't that normal in brooklyn. here in new york we call that a city. right? romeo and cruz are the three other boys. they like unusual names. >> kate hudson also gave birth with her husband matthew bellamy. her fiance. >> he's a rocker. she likes the rockers. >> rock star, exactly. we don't know the name yet. >> somebody who was rocking and is now not rocking it and we're bummed to hear this news. "dancing with the stars" champion and also pittsburgh steelers wide receiver hines ward. he's been busted for dui, which is terrible always. this happened early saturday morning. this happened also outside near his home town in dekalb county, georgia. >> he charmed everyone when he was on "dancing with the s srs." >> he looks better in a fedora than in a mug shot. >> exactly. >> did he have that trophy in the car? >> you have to hope not. >> the super bowl trophy?
3:51 am
>> it's on his mantel somewhere. jennifer lopez, we've been going back and forth about when she's going to return to america. radaronline says she is. >> thank goodness, i haven't been able to sleep. >> she can get all that publicity, keep selling more singles. >> i like her on "idol." she's sort of like the nice -- she is like paula but with more relevant comments. >> exactly. >> you know what i mean?n? >> songs that maybe people would buy and listen to more than all of these guys. >> i like her. in general she's very supportive. i think that's good to have her there on the show. okay, and showing of relevant. this story that daniel made me read. vinny is back on "jersey shore." you apparently like this show. >> it's a guilty pleasure. what can i tell you? vinny said he was leaving. now he's back. he was going to miss the paycheck. let's be honest. >> what would he go on to? what would he go on to, med school?med school? what's he going to do after "the jersey shore"? >> these other guys, they all have endorsement deals and different products. it's their mini franchises. vinny didn't have so much.
3:52 am
i think he realized -- >> he said he wasn't going to do back. he said, i'm not going to be a part of it. looks like they came to the table. he's got to play an active role in the show. you watch it, you u ould be defending him. >> i might be the next person going on "the jersey shore." so we'll see.
3:53 am
thankfully, there's new crest pro-health clinical gum protection toothpaste. it helps eliminate plaque at the gumline, helping prevent gingivitis. it's even clinically proven to help reverse it in just 4 weeks. new crest pro-health clinical toothpaste. life opens up when you do.
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3:55 am
here's some stories to watch today on abc news. federal investigators announced today that police crackdowns on texting and driving really do work. the results of pilot programs show that police enforcement of cell phone laws might make the roads safer. the new secretary of defense leon panetta makes his first visit to baghdad today since he took over the pentagon. members of the house will debate a federal energy law today about phasing out incandescent lightbulbs. a texas republican is against the law which is supposed to go into effect on january 1st. check out the hybrid bulbs, they're pretty cool. or l.e.d.s. sorry. geeking out over bulbs here. >> that's a good suggestion. they came, they saw, they conquered. this time they left without a revolutionary war, which is
3:56 am
nice. >> that's always good. we're talking about britain's prince william and catherine and their first trip to north america. the trip that reminded us of america's love affair with the royals. abe's david muir reports. >> reporter: prince william and his new wife kate dazzled california. but royals have charmed the west coast before. 1983. queen elizabeth and president reagan and the first lady. a royal welcome followed by a regal menu. lobster and caviar. it was the queen who after disastrous weather in san francisco spoke of the rains with her dry wit. >> i knew before we came that we had exported many of our traditions to the united states. but i had not realized before that weather was one of them. but mr. president, if the climate has been cool, your welcome and that of the american people has been wonderfully warm. >> reporter: and just as we saw this weekend, british royalty have long enjoyed mingling with hollywood royalty.
3:57 am
there was princess margaret, the queen's sister, with alfred hitchcock in 1965. years later, prince charles wowed by "charlie's angels." farrah fawcett and then-husband lee majors and jaclyn smith on the left. 1985, we all saw princess diana in that dadaling dance with john trtrolta. royals have long worked on this relationship across the pond. even on the occasion of our 200th birthday, celebrating our independence. the queen greeted at the white house by president and mrsrs ford. >> after all, nobody can say that what happened on the 4th of july, 1776, wasn't very much a bilateral affair between us. >> reporter: no hard feelings then. and 35 years after that visit, now it's her grandson, the future king, evening the score. david muir, abc news, new york. >> it really is nice to have this couple to celebrate i think. a lot of people are really enjoying them. >> they've been great ambassadors so far.
3:58 am
they certainly have, that's right. and also they vivited some parts of los angeles which should would say are not so posh. >> skid row.
3:59 am

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